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Living in New York, the Italian trumpeter, Enrico Rava, was one of the world’s leading free jazz musicians of the 1970’s avant-garde. Rava’s visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1975 brought about an album : Aga Taura Confab – El Convidado. The idea was to record the guest trumpeter with four of the very best Argentinian musicians: pianist Fernando Gelbard, bassist Adalberto Cevasco, drummer Néstor Astarita and percussionist Juan “Chango” Farías Gómez (who is better known simply as Chango Farías). This album, called El Convidado, is a re-release of that legendary LP, for all purposes lost after its original release in 1975/76.

Svart Records 2019

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RAVA, Enrico: El Convidado (LP)

RAVA, Enrico: El Convidado (LP)