Eliza Carthy, fiddle, piano, vocals
John Spiers, melodeon
Jon Boden, fiddle
Donald MacDougal, guitar
Barnaby Stradling, acoustic bass
Donald Hay, drums & percussion
Ben Ivitsky, viola
Tim van Eyken, melodeon, guitar, harmonica
Norma Waterson, vocals
Maria Gilhooley, vocals
Will Duke, concertina
Dan Quinn, melodeon
Tom Salter, electric guitar
Martin Carthy, guitar
Martin Green, piano accordion
Heather Macleod, vocals
Mary Macmaster, vocals

1. Worcester City
2. Just As the Tide was Flowing
3. Limbo
4. Little Gypsy Girl
5. No Man’s Jig + Hanoverian Dance + Three Jolly Sheepskins
6. Pretty Ploughboy
7. Bold Privateer
8. Dr McMBE
9. In London So Fair
10. Willow Tree

Topic Records 2002

19,00 €
CARTHY, Eliza: Anglicana

CARTHY, Eliza: Anglicana