Producer/bassist Petter Eldh’s celebrated Koma Saxo returns with a fresh single release on We Jazz Records, June 12. “Koma Mate” is a new look on “Koma Tema” from Koma Saxo’s 2019 debut album. The track’s anthemic quality remains, but with an extra 10% bangerism added for good measure. On the flip, Eldh invites Jameszoo to tear apart and reassemble Koma Saxo’s elements, making for an extra tasty serving of spicy Koma Soup, filled with criss-crossing saxes and odd grooves. Lightning in a bottle, times two.

9,00 €
KOMA SAXO: Koma Mate / Jagd (feat. Jameszoo) (7")

KOMA SAXO: Koma Mate / Jagd (feat. Jameszoo) (7")