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JUUSO, Inga: Váimmu Ivnnit - Patterns of the Heart

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Inga Juuso is one of the most prominent Sami artists today, not only as a soloist, but also with her involvement in numerous CD-productions throughout the years. She grew up with classical Sami yoik as it has been practised and performed in the Alta-Kautokeino region. In Patterns of the Heart the classical Sami yoik merges with contemporary world music. Improvisation and an open-mindedness for new forms characterize this CD. Inga and Patrick Shaw Iversen have worked together for several years, and part of this CD is a result of this collaboration.

Inga Juuso vocal
Patrick Shaw Iversen c-flute, alto-flute, bassflute, fujara, electronics
Roger Ludvigsen guitar, world-stick, strings
Kenneth Ekornes drums, percussion
Steinar Raknes doublebass

DAT Music 2008

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