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EIRA, Anders Nils: Nigá

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Tuotteen lisäys ostoskoriin epäonnistui. Yritä uudelleen.
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For Anders Nils Eira, who has his roots in a reindeerherding family in the village of Maze, the yoik is a natural part of life. He has been yoiking all his life, and 1991 he appeared in public in the Easter Sami Grand Prix Yoik Contest in which he has participated nine times and won two times in succession. On this CD he performs traditional and own-composed classical Sami yoiks, except for 5 tracks which are arranged and mixed with music and sounds. On track no. 27 he yoiks together with his sister and the last track is recorded live in a reindeer herd. Johan Sara jr. is the producer and has arranged the music.

DAT Music 2001

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