180 gramman LP + latauskoodi. Mukana mm. Tuomo Dahlblom, Aki Haarala, Petri Kautto, Ville Pynssi.

A1 A Night On The Town
A2 Girl I Think About You All The Time
A3 Plates
A4 Any Which Way To Go
A5 When It Comes To Ladies
A6 Do You See What I See
B1 The Very Roots Of Ups & Downs
B2 Meanings In The Air
B3 You Either Had It (Or You Didn’t)
B4 Shaken & Disturbed
B5 Physically Involved

Agogo Records 2016

23,00 €
LINEAR JOHN: Hits With A Twist (LP)

LINEAR JOHN: Hits With A Twist (LP)