One of the most influential bands from Finland are CHARLIES. They have recorded their first album 'Buttocks' in 1970 and that same year this second album. Contains 4 bonus tracks including their rare single from 1969. The album was recorded for an underground-movie under the same title. Charlies had full artistic freedom to create psychedelic songs and effects and their song 'Sunshine Supergirl' is a good example for this amazing Underground band full of great guitar riffs by Eero Ravi.
The original LP was pressed only a few hundred times and is a very rare collectors items today.

1. Taiteen Kritiikistä
2. Rautavaimo
3. Don’t Go Out
4. There’s Nothing Trough With Public Ladies Without Skirt In Sunrise On Horseback Band
5. Don’t Catch Cold
6. Sunshine Supergirl
(Bonus Tracks)
7. Don’t Try Me
8. Myöskin Tyttö Iloinen
9. Rock Me Baby
10. I’m So Glad
11. Easy
12. We Used To Know

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CHARLIES: Musiikkia elokuvasta "Julisteiden liimaajat"

CHARLIES: Musiikkia elokuvasta "Julisteiden liimaajat"