Book of Souls: Folio A is an album densely-packed with musical skyscrapers, Secret Chiefs 3’s most elaborate work yet. Following the 7-band schemata laid out in Book of Horizons, Book of Souls establishes the depth of SC3’s journey into otherwise lost musical possibilities. With productions based in studios in the SF Bay Area, NY, LA, Seattle, UK and France over the last 11 years, SC3 enlisted a small army of musicians — or actually not so small, since the orchestral tasks demanded by the music seem effectively unlimited in number. On “Book of Souls: Folio A,” it is evident that Secret Chiefs 3 continues to operate in blissful ignorance of current musical fashions, remaining enchanted only by what can be unlocked in modern mediums by applying a specific recipe of pre-modern (often ancient) processes to them.

1. Balance of the 19
2. Nova IHVH
3. Potestas Clavium
4. Post-Identity Hour (AMS World Newscorp)
5. Personae: Halloween
6. Utopian Weekly Update (HVHI Public Access)
7. Scorched Earth Saturnalia
8. Full Spectrum Anamnesis
9. Drive
10. Barzakh ID Markers (AIO Radio Narcissus)
11. La Chanson de Jacky
12. Toy Soldier’s Frontline Report (Faust Journal, DodecSMA Corp)
13. Tistrya

Web of Mimicry 2013

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SECRET CHIEFS 3: Book of Souls - Folio A

SECRET CHIEFS 3: Book of Souls - Folio A