The second album from the Finnish progressive legend Höyry-kone. Originally released in 1997, this masterpiece features the band at its peak with complex and varied compositions and arrangements. Special guests such as Peter Nordins (Anekdoten) give this classic extra Nordic prog flavour.

1. Beata Viscera
2. Terva-Antti ku häihin lähti
3. Karhunkaato
4. Lumisaha
5. Baksteri
6. Huono parturi
7. Ullakon lelut
8. Tottele
9. Kala
10. Laahustaja
11. Laina-ajalla

Original release 1997 by APM

Re-release 2014 by Laskeuma Records

15,00 €
HÖYRY-KONE: Huono parturi

HÖYRY-KONE: Huono parturi

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