A report by Mauricio Kagel
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
Book, Musical Arrangements and directed by: Mauricio Kagel
Sound: H. Garbowski, E. Thomas, O. Ziegler
Camera: Rudolf Körösi
Costumes: Gisela Röcken
Script: Marty Vlasak
Assistant director: Wilhelm Bruck
Producer: Victor Staub
Production: 1969 at WDR Studio, Köln and locations near Köln/Bonn
Ifage-Filmproduktion, Wiesbaden, and WDR, Köln

First television broadcasting: June 1, 1970
WDR, Westdeutsches Fernsehen

Cast in alphabetical order: Joseh Beuys, Günther Boehnert, Carlos Feller, Werner Höfer, Mauricio Kagel, Rudolf Körösi, Linda Klaudius-Mann, Klaus Lindemann, Heinz-Klaus Metzger, José Montes-Bacquer, Diter Rot, Schuldt, Victor Staub, Otto Tomek, Ferry Waldoff, Stefan Wewerka

DVD5 | NTSC | 4:3 | Region all 0 | Time: 90:41 | Subtitles: UK, F, D, J, E

Winter & Winter 2007

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Ludwig van - A report by Mauricio Kagel (DVD)

Ludwig van - A report by Mauricio Kagel (DVD)

Beethoven enters in Kagel’s film »Ludwig van« the world of the 20th century which is mainly driven by marketing and selling aspects of His music to “celebrate” his birthday. But Kagel’s film is not just a satire about the consumer society, the black and white movie is intentionally dislodged, disturbed, disrespectful, even aggressive. »Ludwig van« is definitely neither a documentary reportage nor a biographical film or anecdote, Kagel provokes his audience, takes the listener by surprise, irritates with surrealistic pictures.