1. Zero [Stefan Zeniuk]
2. Another Dull Day [Stefan Zeniuk]
3. Coconino # 5 [Stefan Zeniuk]
4. Cat On The Town [Stefan Zeniuk]
5. Splinter [Stefan Zeniuk]
6. The Mourning Of Ginger [Stefan Zeniuk]
7. Siboney [Ernesto Lecuona]
8. Gunslinging Tuba [Stefan Zeniuk]
9. The Mexicans [Stefan Zeniuk]
10. Rata Chaconne [Clifton Hyde]

total time: 49:33

Stefan Zeniuk saxophone
Jesse Selengut, Jackie Coleman trumpet
Kevin Moehringer, Ric Becker trombone
Joe Exley tuba
Clifton Hyde guitar, french horn
Ari Folman-Cohen bass
Kevin Garcia drums, vibraphone
Greg Stare congas
Rich Stein percussion, timpani

Winter & Winter 2011

20,00 €
ZENIUK, Stefan: Gato Loco

ZENIUK, Stefan: Gato Loco

To hear Gato Loco, led by Stefan Zeniuk, is to feel what it must have been like in those days when a travelling circus came to your backwater town; suddenly, out of the dust, there is a promise of mystery, pageantry, eroticism and violence. Seduced by the sharp edges of this relentlessly driving eleven-piece dance band, you catch glimpses of impossible places, impossible times.