1. Rhinelegend (from the album “Dark Flame”)
2. I Often Think They Have Merely Gone Out (from the album “Urlicht/Primal Light”)
3. The Drummer Boy (from the album “Gustav Mahler in Toblach”)
4. Two Blue Eyes (from the album “Dark Flame”)
5. Adagietto (from the album “Urlicht/Primal Light”)
6. When Your Mother Comes In The Door (from the album “Dark Flame”)
7. I Went Out This Morning Over The Countryside (from the album “Urlicht/Primal Light”)
8. Dark Flame (from the album “Dark Flame”)
All compositions by Uri Caine after Gustav Mahler

total time: 61:24

Uri Caine piano, celesta
Ralph Alessi, Dave Douglas trumpet
Josef Bierbichler, Arto Lindsay, Shulamith Wechter Caine, Julie Patton voice
Aaron Bensoussan vocals, oud
Jim Black, Joey Baron drums
David Binney alto saxophone
DJ Olive turntables, live electronics
Don Byron clarinet
Mark Feldman violin
Michael Formanek bass
Larry Gold cello
Josh Roseman trombone
Danny Blume guitar

Winter & Winter 2011

20,00 €
CAINE, Uri: The Drummer Boy

CAINE, Uri: The Drummer Boy